Protected Innocence Initiative

The Protected Innocence Initiative is a comprehensive strategy to promote zero tolerance for child sex trafficking. Under this initiative, Shared Hope International will release fifty-one individual Report Cards based on the Protected Innocence Legislative Framework, an analysis of state laws performed by the American Center for Law & Justice and Shared Hope International.

Horror of teen sex slavery not foreign woe; it's here

The late-night calls began when Theresa Flores was 15. In 1980, before everyone had a cell phone, the private phone that Flores' parents had installed in her bedroom was a luxury. But it nearly proved her undoing.

Dramatic Turnaround Triggered by "Angel"

On a chilly, rainy April night on Hudson Street, Rosita Curry was ready to give up. She had no money or food, no place to go. Her left leg had gone numb from the cold.

Untold Horrors

Young women forced into the sex trade often suppress their emotional trauma, but some ease their pain by journaling or talking about human trafficking and the abuse they endured.

The Concern, The Process, The Restoration

Rahab's Hideaway, Inc. is an ecumenical ministry whose mission is to reach and rescue victims of human trafficking by providing basic and daily necessities while respecting their human dignity. Rahab's Hideaway is committed to assisting individuals in their freedom and independence.
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